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Asian Girl

We are

Asian American
Ad Network

Uniquely placed to reach a demographic that has the highest buying power per person among all ethnic minorities in the United States. The Asian American Ad Network is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that was originally certified by the Supplier Clearinghouse and by the NCMSDC (Northern California Minority Supplier Development Council).

We have

Growing Cultural
Imprint with over



unique visitors

per month

We reflect

Online Market

Consumers who can now be reached at the places where they are most engaged, online, thus reaching out has never been more economically feasible.

We can

your brand

And products to Asian Americans across a culture with the most disposable income.

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Why us?

What began life as a single cultural blog has grown into a dynamic online network representative of the
steadily growing Asian American demographic.
We have partnered with hand-picked blogs and with the portals of
well-respected publishers
of Asian American content.
We know them because
we have grown with them.

AAAN Friends




Place your product at the vanguard Of the influential, Asian American, Gen Y demographic. What sets us apart from traditional in-language Asian campaigns is that we unify all these different fragments (Chinese American, Korean American, etc) because our network targets the English as first language, Asian American. They in turn influence and direct purchasing decisions within their family in their respective language.

Integrate your product into social networks, custom YouTube placements, and displayed on Asian pop culture websites. We are always navigating the frontier of new media and fusing the latest applications with your company.

82 million Generation Y-s

are making purchasing decisions on everything from food, clothing electronics, cellphones, family vacations and entertainment.

Current & Past Clients
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  • Subaru Logo
  • Verizon Logo
  • Amazon Logo
  • Walmart Logo

"52% of car buying

made after youthful opinion."
Roboto Car

"81% of families consult their teenagers

before purchasing new fashion."


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    Angry Asian Man

    Angry Asian Man is not really angry at all. Considered to be the God Father of Asian American bloggers, AAM fans consist of Daniel Dae Kim (LOST), Far East Movement, Justin Lin, and most importantly, thousands of people interested in Asian pop culture.

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    Allkpop is the most trafficked English based K-pop news site in the world and works around the clock to be the first to deliver minute to minute breaking news, gossip, and the most exclusive coverage on the hottest K-pop stars.

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    Giant Robot

    The grand daddy and definer of Asian Pop Culture. Giant Robot has pioneered "cool" into Asian America by showcasing the talents of celebrated Asian-Am artists, rockers, writers, actors, and influencers.

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    Wongfu Productions

    WongfuProductions.com is a young, Asian American Production company that is partnered with Youtube to provide original content. WFP has been featured on CNN and is in the top 30 list of Youtubes all time most list (out of 1000’s of other producers).

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    My Mom Is A Fob

    MyMomIsAFob.com is about those Asian mothers who refuse to get in the car without their UV-protection arm sheaths. The ones who leave desperate voicemails asking us to "please pick up phone? hello? are you there?"

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    Channel APA

    Channel APA is the aggregator of Asian American videos, clips, and vignettes. They are often first to break new Asian-Am media.

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    AsianWeek.com is the largest and longest established English language newsweekly for Asian Pacific Americans. It is now 100% digital and is faster, sharper, and sleeker than when it lived in the print realm. AW is where you get local / national / international news that focuses strictly on Asian Americans.

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    Disgrasian.com shatters the mold of the submissive, Asian American woman. The site is is co-created by two very pretty, sharp tongued, lethally witted, Asian American females who are offended by the words "censored, toned-down, or meek, and the phrase Nee How Ma".

    Visit site

Case Study

2011 Subaru WRX

Display Monitor

Subaru was on a branding mission and wanted to introduce the new WRX model to the Asian American youth market (18-21) with an "out of the box" approach. Our solution was a brand integrated Youtube video produced by one of our partners, Wongfu Productions (accredited stars in the Youtube community). This was supported by a banner ad/blog campaign across our other verticals.
Subaru set the following benchmarks and point deals for us to hit:

1. Target the Asian American youth market.
2. Hit 1 million views in 1 month.
3. Showcase the throaty sound of the WRX engine.
4. Present the car without blatantly commercializing the video.
5. Associate a "cool" factor.
6. Engagement.

The video was released on Wongfu's channel in late December, a "slow season" in the online realm.
Here is what happened:

1. 90% of Wongfu's fans are Asian Americans in college.
2. At the end of the first month, the video had over 1.3 million views. It made it on Youtube's "Most Watched"
page the first week.
3. The throaty sound of the engine was interjected throughout the video and was also used as
a screen transition sound.
4. The WRX is present in over 2/3rds of the video, yet it never screams "commercial."
5. "Coolness" is subjective, but we, along with 20,000 other people who clicked the THUMBS UP think it is cool.
6. We got 20,000 LIKES and 230 DISLIKES, along with over 5,000 actual comments.
The 5 most used words in the comments section (via YT) were: WRX, ASIAN, SUBARU, EVO (a car made by
Mitsubishi which competes for the same market share as the WRX), and BOBA TEA.

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